Senda 66 Tempranillo

Senda 66

What Possessed Us To Open Wine?
My daughter was teaching me how to make a video for youtube on my iPhone. I almost had an emotional technology breakdown. I’m pretty sure that’s a real diagnosis. It was time to drink.

What Did The Label Want Us To Know?
It’s from La Mancha. They use the words: “ripe cherry flavors, strawberry and spice. Full body, great structure and long finish.” It has cute dancing stars and symbols.

What’s So Great About It?
We tasted raisin with something a little green. Maybe date. Pretty smooth with typical Tempranillo spice on the end. Yum.

Someone Else’s More Qualified Opinion:

Conversation This Wine Engendered:
Do we prefer Happy Hour or dinner?
Buying beef is so confusing. Mostly about what they leave out of the cow or don’t feed it.

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