Malbec Taste Off

The two wines:

malbec taste off

Crios Malbec:
Bought it at Bubbles. It’s from Mendoza, Argentina. A famous wine making family, actually. The word Crios means offspring and for 10 years the wine was made by Susana Balbo in honor of her kids. In 2011 the son, Jose took over as wine crafter. They use the words: fresh fruit flavors and balance. They mention that the wine is meant to be enjoyed while young.

Malma Malbec:
Bought it at Bubbles. It’s from Patagonia, Argentina. “In the Mapuche language, Malma means pride.” They mention that they manually harvest and that the wine is aged for 9 months in both French and American oak. They also use the words fresh and fruitiness.

The Crios had very strong legs. It was smoky and really a dark purple. Lots of tannin and rich. Reminded us of some kind of dark fruit.

The Malma was lighter in color, more ruby. Also had tannins, but a little softer. More mineral and we picked up tobacco. It was very dry.

We were totally split. Margie liked the Crios and Bruce and I liked the Malma. David just likes Malbec, so he was happy with both. Really, it was so close that it was a tie for all intents and purposes. The interesting thing that I didn’t even look at until after we had already finished both bottles was that they were from 2 different years. The Crios was a 2012. The Malma was 2010. I should have looked at this before I bought them and should have tried to get two Malbecs from the same year. The Malma did drink like a more mature wine. The Crios drank like a younger wine, but this REALLY makes me want to buy some more of that now and let it sit for 2 years. I can only imagine that it would be fabulous then!

Both wines are totally worth drinking!

By the way, Bruce and Margie brought this and it was FABULOUS!!

rioja from bruch

Conversation This Wine Engendered:
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