Graffigna Centenaria Malbec 2009

What Possessed Us To Open Wine?
Our daughter’s boyfriend was coming to dinner for the first time. Well, not the first time, but the first time with just them and no other friends for buffers. This poor guy had to sit at a table with my husband glaring at him. Just kidding. Kind of. And he did fine by the way. Really better than fine. But you can see the need for wine.

What Did The Label Want Us To Know?
As the name suggests, this wine is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the winery and there is a little more history explained. Very interesting information that they age 50% of this wine in oak and 50% is unoaked. They explain that this blend gives the wine plenty of fruit. They suggest Lamb Ossobuco or hot spicy pumpkin risotto in Malbec reduction. They have great taste in food for sure!

What’s So Great About It?
We encountered light oak flavor and it felt full in our mouths. It was especially good with the Rembrandt Gouda we were eating and it seemed hearty and comforting somehow. We will definitely drink this again. The boyfriend had an opinion, but his doesn’t count yet. (kidding, really)

Someone Else’s More Qualified Opinion:

Conversation This Wine Engendered:
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