Australia will kill you, but not their wine!

pic by: born 1945

This week at Wine Class we learned that 95% of people in Australia live within 20 miles of the ocean. This is because the climate is so harsh. And, as our illustrious wine teacher explained: Everything in Australia is trying to kill you. Crocodiles, Taipan Snakes, Blue Ringed Octopus. They even have poisonous ants.

What will not kill you is their wine! Heavy fruit due to warm climates. We tasted a Molly Dooker Shiraz in class and it was punch you in the face WONDERFUL. Other recommended wines: Hainault Pinot Noir and Penfold’s Grange Hermitage (Hermitage is slang for Shiraz).

Even with the scary atmosphere, I would love to visit Australia, sticking close to the wine growing areas, of course. And if I get bit by something weird, maybe the wine will cure me!!

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