My New Favorite Grape!

Here it is: Petite Sirah!!

I found myself at a wine making event at High Country Home Brew and we tasted 5 wines (paired with great food) While I was expecting to most love the wine that contained Cabernet Franc, a long favorite, I found to my surprise that it was a Petite Sirah that captivated my taste buds!

Then later this week while at lunch, they happened to feature a Petite Sirah. And it was as good or better than I remembered. Then I bought a bottle (okay 3) and opened it a few nights ago. Completely enjoyable. It’s so dark and rich and spicy. I have never even tried this grape before and am now in love.

I looked the variety up in Karen MacNeil’s The Wine Bible and found out that Petite Sirah’s background is obscure and may be a blend/cross cultivation of a few cultivars.

Whatever it’s heritage, it seems I am tasked with the arduous job of procuring as many different bottles as I can and tasting them all so that I can become fully educated. I promise to give it my fierce attention!!!

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  1. Hi, Mary… Here’s to hoping that Karen MacNeil is working on a re-write. He original copyright is 2001, and I’m sure it took her years and years to write her WINE BIBLE… so this nugget of information escaped her during that process:

    Syrah (father) + Peloursin (mother) = Petite Sirah (offspring)

    1996 – At the University of California at Davis, Dr. Carole Meredith and her colleagues determined by DNA comparisons the following:

    1) Almost all (more than 90%) of the vines in Petite Sirah vineyards are Durif and the rest are Peloursin (the mother of Durif).
    2) Durif is the offspring of a cross-pollination between Peloursin and Syrah which means it received half of its genes from each of those varieties.

    Keep up the great writing, and for the most up-to-the minute information on Petite Sirah, you can also visit our organization’s Website:

  2. Jo,
    Thanks so much for that information! In her book she does mention that in the 1990s they were doing DNA testing of the grape vines and also mentions Durif and Peloursin as possible suspects! I could have quoted her in detail but for the 3 people who read my blog, it would be overkill.

    I am just overwhelmingly happy that it exists!!

    I am also happy that your organization exists and petite sirah has such virulent supporters as I would be one to vote for it being even more available! Can’t wait to tasted the Concannon bottle!


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