Your Favorite Vegas Eatery?

pic by: Chase N. :

The Happy Hour Discussion Question this week is:

What’s your favorite place to eat or drink in Vegas??

I am IN Vegas, so this question is relevant. I am especially interested this trip in restaurants on the Strip where I can walk. No car this time.

My favorite restaurant in Vegas and perhaps the whole world is Rosemary’s, however it is way off the strip, so we won’t be going this time.

What’s yours?

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  1. I Don't Read Much... says:

    Any FAT TUESDAY! There is on in that inside strip mall that has the “thunder/rain showers” as you walk through it. Drink 3 or more of these and you don’t care where you eat! YUMMMMMM!
    The #2 place is that place that makes crepes.

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