What Do You Like About Winter?

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The Happy Hour Discussion Question this week is:

What do you like about winter?

Real winter is upon us. December is about Christmas. February is about Valentine’s Day. January is really just about winter.

I did not ask “Do you like winter,’ because too many people might say no. You have to like something about winter, even if it’s only that it comes before spring.

Winter is my 2nd favorite season because there is less light. I have a light aversion and the world seems a little too bright to me. I welcome short days and cozy nights by lamp or firelight. I am also a big lover of snow. Granted it is not my job to shovel or remove it, so that might change my opinion on it, but since I get to just enjoy its beauty, I look forward to it.

What do you like about winter? Hot cocoa? Flannel sheets?

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  1. I love when there is snow and it is cloudy! I also love drinking warm drinks and cuddling up by the fire!

  2. Winter ranks last in order of faves, but if I had to name something about the season I like it’s waking to see frozen dew over the bare trees and grass as it glistens in the morning sun. Viewing that sight in the still, crisp chill of the quiet morning with the first sip of coffee before the hustle and bustle of the day begins is the best time in the dead of winter.

  3. Since I have always been an Iowa girl at heart, despite living in many other places, my favorite part of winter is when it snows at night. I love to walk outside in the snow because there is almost no sound. I love the silence. However, because I live in Miami now, I have to say that one of new favorite things to do is walking around in my flip-flops in the middle of January!!

  4. Lee Duran says:

    About winter: I love snow! Unfortunately, when I left Colorado I also left snow. Here in Missouri, I get ice storms, which I don’t like. Your faithful reader, Lee

  5. I love all those things too! silence, iced trees, fires, hot drinks!!! I don’t like ice storms either, Lee. You are my faithful reader!

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