Your Favorite Christmas Carol?

To start the conversation this week at Happy Hour:

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

Mine is Carol of the Bells because nothing sounds better than a choir singing this a cappella. The structure of the different parts is just incredibly moving and appealing.

However a close second is O Holy Night because that’s the exact reaction one would have when viewing the Savior of the world!

What about you??

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  1. I don't Read Much says:

    It’s not really a Christmas carol…but I don’t think it’s Christmas until I hear Bing Crosby and David Bowie sing “Little Drummer Boy”.

  2. I like all the old classic Christmas songs…the ones I grew up listening to with my grandparents. Those Christmas’s with them were the best…so when I hear those classic songs…I go back to those days of pure joy and innocence!

  3. O Come Emmanuel is one of my favorites. It puts the story of Christmas into perspective.

  4. I love O Come Emmanuel also because it is sung in such a minor key.

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