Your Least Favorite Month?

Everyone has a favorite season, but what about a least favorite time? Sometimes it’s easier to have an opinion on what you don’t like. The Happy Hour discussion question this week is:

Which Is Your Least Favorite Month?

David doesn’t like February. January’s okay, because of our anniversary (how sweet) and March is okay only because of the promise of summer. February just seems boring.

My friend, Andrea, hates December. When she said that I thought I had misheard, but then I remembered that she has 9 children.

My least favorite month is August. It feels unbearably hot but without the fun of Independence Day. And it feels like a fake month. You think it’s summer but school keeps starting earlier and earlier and about halfway through, you keep thinking it must be September. And then I just can’t WAIT until September because it cools off and means the beginning of Autumn, the greatest season of all. I just try to live through August every year.

What about you?

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