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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Here is my disclaimer. I don’t own a Carrabba’s but I wish I did!! We probably eat here at least 4 times a month, so it is obvious that I am already VERY happy about being here. My favorite salad in the Western Hemisphere is the Insalata Fiorucci! Closest to a salad I had in France that will be forever remembered. Also Chicken Bryan might be my favorite (non-BBQ) chicken dish anywhere. (nothing beats smoked BBQ meats- sorry, Southern, can’t help it) I am happy to walk into Carrabba’s because I am warmly greeted, it smells fantastic, the music and atmosphere forces me to pretend I am in Italy, which is so fun since I don’t have to take an 11 hour flight to get there!

Not Happy?
The bar area is usually full of people who are not there for Happy Hour, but who just are waiting for a table. Sometimes it is too crowded to be cozy or intimate. The reason it is too crowded is that people are stepping over other people in the parking lot trying to get in first. This is a terrible problem a restaurant has when their food is just too good. They should really do something about that!?! Actually, my other “not happy” thing would predictably be – too many carbs, but that is my personal problem. The rest of the people gathered in the bar can’t wait to snarf down calamari or bruschette because they are normal.
Concealed Carry or No Concealed Carry?
Every Carrabba’s that we have visited in various places is placed in a safe upscale area. The only reason I can think of that you might need a gun would be that you have somehow really pissed off the Mafia, most of whom are probably already in the restaurant or are stepping over people in the parking lot to get in.

How Happy Does It Get?
They have 2 for 1 well drinks. You can get their house wines in the Quartino size for Glass price. They also have a list of specialty drinks offered including Mrs. C’s White Cosmo $6 that uses Citron Vodka, Patron Citronge and White Cranberry Juice. Or the Blackberry Sangria sounds good for $6.50. And a Cranberry Mojito with actual cranberries in it – $7

Cuteness Factor:
Why are people adding outside kitchens and courtyards strung with twinkle lights to their homes? Because they want to pretend they are at Carrabba’s? The feel of the open flame and the smell of whatever it is they are concocting has to be taken into consideration when speaking of the atmosphere. The delicious aromas are tangible enough to be part of the decoration. And the booths are cozy, many with vines and lights. The lighting makes my skin look young and Italian. Even the bathrooms are cute- wood doors and tile floor. Well, haven’t been to the men’s but surely it’s cute, too? Right? Men are definitely into cute.

The Stuff Other Than Wine:
I am happy to report that David did not eat bread FOR ONCE. But if he were going to, this would be a great place to do it. Their bread comes out hot and with some kind of garlic stuff that they pour olive oil all over. This is like pure torture or pure delight, you choose. We have been showing up for dinner during Happy Hour for years, but we only recently found out that they have a bar menu that’s different than what’s in the main restaurant. And low and behold on the bar menu- (drum roll) a low carb choice!!! So we had it: Antipasti Misto Platter– $7.50 which include Genoa Salami, Capicola, Sopressata, Proscuitto, Fontina and Blue Cheese, also a little fruit, olives, and roasted red peppers. Yum. We also ordered the meatballs with ricotta cheese but think they brought us the meatball piccolinos. No matter, it was delicious. You can order from the main menu while at the bar, so their regular appetizers are also available.

Those People Who Bring Me Alcohol:
I just couldn’t wait to talk about this part! We are regulars for years of our local Carrabba’s and have been waited on by just about everyone and we love them all. I hate to mention names because I will leave someone out but from Brie, (greatest hostess in the world) to Allison (whose tables we usually visit), Alex, Tom…. See left 8 others out!!! We are so well taken care of and so well treated!! I’m pretty sure Allison knows our orders by heart. But we have been very well treated at every Carrabba’s we have ever visited. Are the people that work there so happy because the food smells so good they can’t help it? Are the members of the Mafia seated in the restaurant making them an offer they can’t refuse and forcing them to be happy at gunpoint? We don’t care!!

Problems of the World Solved:
David bought an ipad because of that evil genius Steve Jobs
Quote from David: Italian food is just good. Deep.
David complaining about the weather and me loving the cold
Facebooking is just so fun while you are actually at Happy Hour

We are very HAPPY to Happy Hour here!!

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